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(My speculation) ok.. I am scared that the 49ers could wake up and realize that Manning puts them over the top. Why haven't they signed Smith? and why where there reports in the previous days that Manning would still listen to other teams (yes I know they said it he was no longer talking to other teams and that the final were 3... presumably 2)?

You guys think that if the 49ers called they would be favorites? Just like Philly did last year with Asomugha when everybody thought that Dallas and Jets were the favorites?

It's a long shot... but every time this pursuit get longer... it give another team like the 49ers to swoop in and let the others looking at dust.

Bay Area radio would be all over this if they even mentioned Peytons name in the HQs...they are busy breaking down the monta for bogut trade....Harbaugh wouldve already set up a throw and catch session like he did with moss...they are signing players left and right...they wouldve made a move by now..
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