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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
I would love a DT like Kawann Short from Purdue that can get push up the middle in the 1st. Bostic Would be a nice 2nd round pick but if Te'o isn't an option I want Kevin Minter from LSU in the 2nd. Then in the 3rd Montee Ball.

That would be a really nice draft. Short is my preferred DT in this draft, though he didn't take the Senior jump I was expecting. I had him as my #1 DT last year, so maybe I'm just being stubborn after a very good, not great senior year. I'm not convinced he'll make it to the late first, and if he doesn't, I think Sylvester Williams from North Carolina would be a great consolation prize. Personally, I do hope we go DT in Round 1, maybe even trade back a bit like last year.

As for Minter, I made a post before I saw yours about him. He's kind of an easy evaluation because he won't come out unless he's a 1st Round pick. So, we would either take him in R1 or he's not an option this year. Really good player though.

Ball in the 3rd would work. Has a lot of similarities to former John Fox backs Stephen Davis and DeShaun Foster. I really think he'd have to be the 2nd Round pick though, and we might even have to move up a bit for that.
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