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M. Salah

I think Minnesota maybe gets him.

Of course, I'm a huge Iverson mark. He's been my favorite player in the league since he entered, and is now only rivaled (and topped) by Carmelo. And CO hit it on the head. I'd have a jersey on order the day they made the pres conference.

But, as has been mentioned, I don't see how we get this done. K-Mart isn't an option anymore, unless Isiah is now running the 6ers. But, Kroenke last night on ESPN said he was interested, so who knows. Could you imagine somehow unloading Martin and getting AI in return? That would be a Christmas present.

But I think Minnesota could get them. I don't know how their salaries go, but they could get rid of Mike James, giving the 76ers somebody to fill AI's role, some draft picks, and maybe some expiring contracts. Again, I don't know their roster that well.

And I think that would end the "Is KG going to be traded? Does he want out?" discussion altogether.

I'm curious if AI stays in the East. I mean, are you really going to give him to a rival team? Perhaps. But we'll see. What I'm really interested in seeing is how quickly they get this done. Word out of Philly is that AI has played his last game... I don't know if I buy that. You're telling me they just whip up a huge mega-deal for a superstar with a huge contract over the weekend? I have a feeling this might go down to the trade deadline.. Or least the rest of this month.
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