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They won't give up JR. They're not gonna pawn off a 21 year old shooter who is filling the role they've desperately needed for years.

Carmelo and JR are the only two I can see not being dangled in a possible deal. The only expiring contracts they have are Joe Smith and Eduardo Najera (combining for somewhere between $12-$13 million). Miller & Nene's contracts make it workable, but how much interest the 76ers have in those two is questionable. They couldn't give Kenyon away even if they wanted to. They have two 1st rounders in the coming draft (their own and the Mavs).

I guess it's just going to come down to which Western Conference team offers up the best package (I don't believe they have any intention of trading him within their Conference). Minnesota wants him, but they have less to offer than Denver. I've heard Dallas is interested. Golden State pursued him in the offseason. The Clippers have been after him in the past.

It's gonna be interesting to see how this all shakes out.
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