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Because Reid hasn't done anything wrong...T.O. created all of this...Reid did everything possible to rein this loose cannon in...the fact of the matter is Rosenhause manipulated T.O. so much to get a new contract or traded that it bit T.O. in the ass. See, the Shark didn't make crap till TO got his new contract...he didn't write the other one.

Sure, it was dumb not to get a solid #2 reciever in Philly and to rely solely on T.O. was insane, but I don't think Reid is the GM anyway...but that isn't the point....McNabb is also out for the year...

This circus got started when T.O.'s old agent screwed up his contract so he couldn't void...that led to a trade, not FA...then T.O. whined his way out of Baltimore and the NFL interviened and bent over backward to let baby have his way....the NFLPA told TO it was a bad deal...but he wanted to go to a "contenda" they let him have his way...honestly thinking that TO wanted to get a ring. Well, T.O. wanted the ring, and he also got a new agent that did everything he could to create disruption once it was obvious the Eagles were not going to give him a new contract.

I hate to say this, but even tho T.O. is a mindless jackass, Rosenhouse prodding him to try to act out to get out of his contract has totally backfired...

Has it cost the Shark more than a few dimes and bad Cochran media shots? Not really, but I think it's stained the Shark quite a bit...but the stone cold fact was the Shark manipulated trying to get a new contract...not for T.O...but for himself, and that is going to be noticed.
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