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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Coming from the guy who argued that the Orthodox St Nicholas was a Turk, this is beyond rich.

Best go back to your strong suit of arguing the Constitutionality of Sex Defined Bathrooms.
Hardy har har. Yeah, you're right. I should have argued he was Persian.

You pointed out an inaccuracy in point 5a of a long argument. Congrats?

Now to answer the rest of the argument. Was St. Nicholas white? If Santa Claus is a bastardized (or mongrelized) version of several figures who may or may not have existed, why is depicting him as black or as a penguin (or as anything different from what he has been for only about the last 100 years) so, so wrong?

Of course again, actually answering questions is not your MO.

Also, your understanding of the point I was making in the bathroom thread was way, way off, as usual. First off, there is no "right to privacy", but if anyone challenges laws like these, the equal treatment laws we have in place (supported by the Constitution) will be the first thing referenced.

Why do you fail so much, Beavis?
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