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Originally Posted by BBII View Post
Iraq polled really well at first too. Better to be on the wrong side of the polls than the wrong side of history. Elections are over a year away. Lots of time for the ACA Implosion.

Oh noes. We cants Offend the Obama administrations! We just cants!

Wait so your saying that 75% of the people are wrong and don't understand whats going on ?

Really believe that ?

Your comment about enrolling may very well be true but millions have been on the site looking around. They have six months to decide.
Most people don't make snap decisions on important things. Also lots of choices.

Even without the exchange my kids insurance rates will drop 200 hundred a month because of Obamacare.

SO lets see your wrong, don't believe polls like when Romney was losing for example and Obamacare is lowering costs and because the website have glitches even though millions have been looking into it so that makes it a failure ?

Go to the corner and shut up.
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