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Originally Posted by frerottenextelway View Post
The base was trying to escape in 2012 too, and easily nominated a much weaker candidate in Romney than an extremely popular Christie. Of course, Paul is a stronger outsider candidate than you had to choose from that election too.
The base was still in flux in 2012. It no longer is. It's moving in a clear libertarian direction now, and anyone not moving with them is going to be left out in the cold, no matter how much money Karl Rove can raise for them. There are fundamental things that Christie will have a hard time speaking to - and he knows it too, which is why he's trying to attack Rand Paul now.

Mark my words - it'll come down to Paul, Cruz, and Christie, and in that equation Paul will walk away with the nomination. Cruz will end up Senate majority leader. Christie will end up golfing with Romney and Obama somewhere.
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