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M. Salah

Originally Posted by Mtbrncofn View Post
Way to set him straight, Herc.

Nothing pisses me off more than someone who knows nothing about hockey comes in and starts bagging on fights.
Well to be fair to rubaiyat, I don't think he was bagging on fights or the NHL. All he's saying, as I understand it, is the following:

-When two guys in hockey fight, nobody cares. It happened, move on.
-When there are baseball bench-clearing brawls, nobody cares. Same deal. It happened, throw out a few suspensions, no big deal.
-Fights are less common in the NFL, but when stuff like perhaps the Haynesworth incident happens, the guy is suspended, but it still blows over.

Yet in the NBA, you have a fight and all of a sudden, your league is full of rappers and gangbangers. I think rubaiyat's point is, why is this some "black eye" for the NBA, why are all NBA players instantly labeled as thugs, etc. I mean, a couple years ago, we had Pedro Martinez I believe get into a fight with that Yankees assistant coach, and it was more humorous than anything else. If that happens in the NBA, it's a travesty, an epidemic, etc.

If I'm wrong I apologize, and perhaps rubaiyat can better explain is point, but that is how I read it. I don't think he was trying to talk down on other sports.
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