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Joesy Jewel

Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Thing is, I hear media divas, Dilferholes and hatas saying that sort of crap. I don't hear many premier QB coaches saying anything of the sort.
Think of it this way Beavis, you have Lady Edith on your team, sure she has a nice rack but when the AFC Championship is on the line she gets beat down by Lady Mary like a rented mule.

You are a rich barron, you drive Lady Edith around, have some fun rubbing up against her on horseless carriage rides but at the end of the day you leave her the minute you meet some hot new chick at a formal dinner.

Or your face gets blown off, you try to pawn yourself off as the heir of Downton Abby but you realize you would have to bone Lady Edith and run away screaming after one episode.

Everyone wants to marry Lady Mary, no one wants Lady Edith, unless your a drunken farmer from Jacksonville.
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