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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by claviculasolomonis View Post
That's the point i'm getting at more/less. really - the kid can play - he's got major talent - but he just vanishes for stretches at a time.
Would I have liked to have seen a little more out of Geno in this series? Sure. But I wont blame him too much. He did have like 4 or 5 points in the series, albeit all of them being assists. He got really tired and worn down about 2.5 weeks before the end of the regular season and never really got his legs back. He also had several root canals recently...I don't know if that has an effect on his game, but its not a good thing. I'll give the kid a pass. He accomplished a hell of alot this season without being able to even communicate properly and should win the ROY, which he deserves.

I think the real goats in this series were Gonch, Whitney, Orpik, Melichar, Scuderi...the entire D-corps is a joke....even Eaton was not his usual solid self. Gonch was especially bad. The wingers were complete crap, Christensen completely disappeared. The 4th line that everyone was pimping didnt do **** in this series.

I thought Flower did a pretty good job despite getting no help at all, Sid ofcourse did well, Staal the Gronk did well, Roberts, I liked Army's intensity and passion.

Shero has work to do. Get us 2 REAL more Malone, Recchi, Oullet or any of that crap, REAL NHL caliber wingers for Sid and Geno. And we need some tough, shutdown tired of seeing 20 second cycles in our own end repeatedly.

Melichar and Scuderi should never..ever...ever...ever be allowed in the NHL again. Ever.
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