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Originally Posted by ND Bronco Fan View Post
Today.........John Abraham, Mclain and Trufant visiting.........Manning decision coming, think how this forum changes if they pull this all off today.
Trufant is a waste of money, Abraham is a luxury they can't afford if they fail to address DT.

McClain would be excellent though.

All in all it would be a nice step forward, but it just makes the next step that much more necessary.

Lets say we sign Abraham, Trufant, and McClain. So CB, MLB, and a specialist pass rusher are added. At that point we still need help at RB and DT, without question on defense. So they need to follow up on their interest in Tolbert, lock down Bunkley, and hopefully also kick the tires on Jason Jones or Amobi Okoye.

Now if we do land Manning it almost seems essential to add Saturday and Clark onto that FA list. Saturday will get our young line in shape to handle Manning's last minute audibles and Clark would give him a security blanket/TE weapon down the hash marks. We might also want to consider Anthony Gonzalez as a cheap slot option, he's familiar with Manning and we have an opening now with Royal gone.

You do all of part A for sure, and all of part B if you get Manning. That is how you make this team into a real Super Bowl contender for 2012. Then you sit Tebow down and explain how he will be groomed to take over this offense in a few years if he can be patient and work to develop within it.
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