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i love how every denver reporter says denver is still peytons top choice

what the hell does he want here anyway. no receivers to throw the ball to, mccoy that asswipe coordinating the offense, a **** defense, no o-line, no GM position the titans offered...

he would be ****in retarded to pick denver over tennessee. at least there hes got some weapons around him with a solid defense
While I am just imagining...I think it was a heavy moment when Elway and Peyton sat together talking, as equals, and Elway said something like "I was 37 when I won here. I know what it takes and I know how to get you there"
What did Bud or anyone say from Tenn that matched that?

Coach and front office is big. Tenn has crap...Denver is much better here.

Denver is missing key position elements, fine. Peyton will hopefully bring a couple with him, he'll train receivers, and cap room takes care of the rest.

What's the other side? What does Tenn have that the Broncos couldn't match? I am not buying that money, GM job promises, and governor calls are what Peyton is looking for to sign the contract. Not even team ownership (which isn't supposed to be real anyway). That's all money and flash...the guy is already rich.
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