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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
That doesn't make a player "pretty good". I'm on my phone and don't want to look up stats, but I'm willing to bet he couldn't be the starting TE on half the NFL teams.
Saints, NE, Alt, SD, Dallas, Denver, KC, Jags and Houston off the top of my head have TEs he would be behind on the depth chart. Also his rookie year was 2010. He didn't start for the Giants till 2011. He has above average number two TE upside.
OK, my net is back up. So I will add the Ravens, Panthers, Pitt, Bengals, and 49ers to the lest of teams that he would be behind as a the number one TE. Miami if Keller is healthy and Bears with Bennett could be on that list too. Anyways the Pats are dropping from an elite top 2 TE in the game and a very good top 10 TE in the NFL to a guy that is maybe a top 17ish TE in the NFL.
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