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Originally Posted by footstepsfrom#27
There's no reason to have a moderator in here. Politics itself is nasty, dirty, personal and crosses the line. Small wonder if people discussing it do likewise. I don't get why this is an issue? Are legions of 7 year olds lining up to discuss the war in Iraq on the OM?

Dumb idea of the month.

I didn't read this entire thread. That said, I agree with FS#27, there's no need for a mod. No need for attacks to get personal either! It's okay to argue one's position. Just beware to taking it to gutter level.

I've been called a bigot and the person doesn't even know me. Kinda ridiculous to make views on this forum personal. Everyone pretty much knows things get heated here. I suggest folks just remember to step back when things get a little too "hot".

TJ, again my personal opinion is leave this forum free flowing unless it becomes too much of an annoyance. If ever that is the case, then my suggestion would be too shut down the forum entirely.

We all need to remember the Mane is TJ's baby. He doesn't have to put up with any of the things that have nothing to do with the Broncos.

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