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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
It is an empty feeling.....but if you,let a team hang around and have stupid blunders over and over this has a tendency to happen. Perhaps like the late 90s team this team needs a "final lesson" before achieving greatness. They threw away a lot today. They were the best team in the league just,like the 96 team was, but you have to bring it when it counts.

It will take awhile to recover from this.
Totally agree SoCal,

As heartbreaking as this was, this is a mostly young team and Elway knows just what they are going through and what to say to them to get them re-focused on next year and feed off this painful loss. Same thing happened to him and that 13-3 team in 1996 when he was 36 ... like Manning is.

They added a few more key cogs in the wheel of greatness back then and let that bitter loss to a good team motivate them to achieve true greatness the next two years!

That 19967 team was also clearly superior to the Jags on most Sundays and those Broncos would easily beat those Jags 9 times out of 10 even on the other team's turf .. as we would the Ravens when playing more like the 2012 Broncos.

Listening to the players today as the packed up their lockers to leave and guys like Von, they will turn this devastated feeling into anger and then determination to not let this happen again.

Manning and the whole offense will work especially hard in the offseason and be notably more tight and in-sync next year... its a freakin shame we couldnt complete the deal this year too , but with a lot of young guys and some of them making mistakes and no doubt thinking past the Ravens, just a little at least, they learned a hard but valuable lesson yesterday!

If this propels us to back to back SB wins like the last time this happened with such a promising and up and coming team (unlike 2005 which was a one and done type team) then we will all look back on this game as a necessary even though bitter pill to have to swallow to get that hard edge needed to storm the castle gate for real...

Go Broncos!

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