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I don't plan on being around here much after this loss because the board has already went insane. I didn't even freak out when we lost. I took it in stride because I actually expected it to happen. I couldn't find my Champ Bailey jersey to wear all day -- and I think that happened for a reason. Would have been ashamed to have wore that jersey after today. Here are some thoughts:

Chris Kuper clearly wasn't ready to play. Rag-dolled all game and had at least two offensive holding penalties putting is in holes. He sucked it up big-time. He did not have a good game. PERIOD.

I've never seen Champ play such a horrendous game. His performance out there was pathetic. I'm not going to advocate the move to safety, but he blew it in easily one of the biggest games of his career. He should be ashamed of himself.

Rahim Moore **** the bed big time. Absolutely unforgivable.

Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller were non-existent. Sad.

Play-calling was absolutely terrible. How many deep looks did Manning have? We didn't take any shots down field all game. The Ravens forced us into short yardage plays and we couldn't even convert on third and shorts. Lame.

Manning was average.

The Broncos played crappy, undisciplined football on both sides of the ball and allowed several big plays. If it wasn't for our special teams scores, the game isn't even close. At least we have the draft to look forward to. Maybe we will pick a winner.
I think this sums it up pretty well, hopefully you will still talk on the draft forum, we have prospects to discuss.
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