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Jordan Taylor

I don't believe all that crap about being overrated or not as good as we thought we were. I believe when each of you get a strong enough stomach watch the game will agree that we lost this game simply because we were not prepared to play. And, even then, we lost by a fg in OT.

How do you allow 3 bombs to beat you. The #1 rule of any defense is not to let them get behind you. So, why didn't we fix that after the first one. Heck, they even missed one where the guy ran a post and Flacco orthrew him. That's not being outplayed...that's being underprepared and outcoached.

How is it that your biggest playmaker gets 3 balls all day....1 for a TD. By the way he was single covered, and although they had deep safeties the middle of the field was wide open. Terrible coaching.

No, we were the better team. But, the better team lost. We beat ourselves....and that's what's so tough for me to come to grips with. Then, to see how smug that ****ing Fox was in his press conference. I wanted to reach into the TV and slap his assinine old ass!
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