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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Nice post. Build my own PC from scratch rather than gettin' a Dell or HP or somethin'. I have heard rave reviews about the new Vizio all in ones, but for half the price I could get a 27" monitor + better specs if I really wanted to go that way. Did you have a good Christmas Popps?
Hey Req,

Good indeed. Hope yours was as well!

As for recording software, I'm running Pro Tools HD at the TV network and for my home businesses as well. (TV post and music.) There are entry level versions for about $400, which is a very good deal for what you get now.

Or, if you're more into composing/writing than recording/editing... Logic is still a great option. Pretty cheap and very versatile, professional. I know plenty of guys making a living from Logic, as well as guys tinkering in their basements with it. (Or, their garages since we don't have basements out here.

If you're currently using Garageband, I'd recommend giving Logic a spin as it will feel like a sensible step up for you. You can then add sound libraries, etc as you need them.

Have fun!
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