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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
I only have 8 gig of ram installed in my desktop but using a 64gig flash drive I mounted I turned on Ready Boost and dedicated 32gig to it so technically I have 40gig of RAM. It helps with read times some. It helps more on my laptop where I have 4 gig installed RAM and use 3Gig of a 4gig Flash drive. I notice it helps more on the laptop.

I like Kahn's idea of just installing Win7, you can always install an older OS and still be licensed.
Sure, you can install an older operating system. If I built a PC, I'd probably install XP on it for ****s and giggles because I liked it the most. I still didn't like 7, nor do I like 8. My point was that Macs are expandable. It is a myth that they aren't. Time will tell to see how good my Mac is in the long run and if I have any big problems. I've owned numerous Windows laptops (have one with 7 actually) and they have all eventually bit the dust. And it wasn't because I was doing something wrong to kill the system. These were all factory made ones. I have never had a problem with a desktop I created myself.

To each their own. I happen to use both Windows/MacOS on a daily basis. There are things I like and dislike about both.
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