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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Actually no, Firefox holds the web designers and those doing the code at hand for the mistakes they make. Their standards for HTML are a lot higher than that of IE. Internet Explorer usually interprets the mistakes made and does it's best to correct them. There's a reason why there are XHTML and HTML tools out there that are to help those who aren't good at code. It's not Firefox's fault at all, it's the coding done by the individual.

By no means is your aforementioned statement near the truth. You won't find many designers being exlusive to IE anymore, if at all -- most designers and coders prefer using Mozilla, especially when testing their sites because it actually shows the flaws that can be corrected.
Wrongo buddy. One hundred and fifteen different websites, none with errors, all coded to exacting HTML standards and none show up properly with Firefox without special condition coding. It does not handle DIV tags well nor does it implement Java well at all. Further, CSS seems to give it problems as well.

I design for a living and do design for both and I can tell you from first hand EVERY DAY experience that Mozilla Firefox, while secure, does not handle coding well for whatever reasons. I have to add in features that are supported for Firefox so that things display properly but regular coding displays fine in IE. So if I have to code EXTRA to get things to display in Firefox the correct way (as intended) then it is the one that does not do implementation well. It is also far less forgiving than IE.

Mozilla needs to adapt, particularly their java implementation is horrendous.

edit: It does handle standardized HTML OK and parses server side scripts well enough.
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