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Your crazy...they hate the heat for the decision. Not bc Maven gets to them. But enough of this, who you got in Game 3?

Game 3 will be a telling tale of this series. If the Spurs bounce back and win, it will be over for the Heat.
But if the Heat dominate, like they did in the 4th of last game, it's going to be lights out.

Manu is sure to bounce back and Parker had one of his worst games. I don't think that will repeat at home.
Spurs can win game 3 an still lose the series 2-4. They are Jekyll and Hyde. I cannot understand why their offense went away from the passing and just had Parker dribbling too much. I've hardly ever see those pick and roll quick passes around the defender. There were several turnovers when they tried that, some were kick balls.

I had the heat winning this series in 6 cause I didnt think they would overcome their turnover problems. They almost lost the GS series because of turnovers. It's a simple formula for the spurs. Alot of turnovers equals a loss. Minimal turnovers equals a win.

As far as what posters motives around here are, that would be a good poll to do. Still think people come in here to razz her. Most the time after a heat loss I don't see much talk about why it was a loss, as I do seeing several comments about maven being at work.
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