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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
You wonder why people don't click on this thread after a heat win? Have you not seen the endless spam throughout the last 2 years? Other sites have back and forth conversations after a win or loss by both fan bases. Alot of People aren't coming in here after a heat loss to trash that team, they come in here because of maven. It's the EXACT reason why you don't see maven posting after a loss. She doesn't want to get blasted with neg posts.

A good fan is one who acts classy win or lose. Not torching dumpsters and throwing rocks at others.
Oh! maven is a she! That makes pefect sense now.
All those ghey observasions about soccer and the even more ghey pics of extremely ghey people in her ghey avatar were starting to feel......well,
kinda ghey.......not that theres anything wrong with that.
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