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what's his fac

Originally Posted by NaptownChief

I shot wads on girls backs that had more brain cells than all the folks in Wyoming combined.

You put David Carr ahead of Manning as the top present QB's. That is a strong candidate for the dumbest post in OrangeMane history and that is saying a bunch. I really like Carr and think he has a bright future but that doesn't take away from the idiocy of your post. If you were saying you think he will be that good in the future would be one thing but to say he is there now doesn't even deserve the bandwidth you wasted.
Not at all .......... Hell lets face it , Manning has been given alot of weapons on Offense , Carr hasnt , Now when I rank QB's in the right now terms , I rank them as far as Potiental , and Dispite your idiotic views , if Carr had the Coaching Plummer has or even TrINT Green , Carr would be blowing past Manning ....... There is More to a QB then Passing Yards , For example Carr Grew up alot after week 9 in that Game vs the Panthers ......
Now you might be impressed with Dom Capers offensive skill , but without his Zone blitz his coaching leaves alot to be desired .......
Now Carr Kept his team in alot of Games , I know that means nothing to you , and that Stats with you tell the whole story .............
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