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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
No, that is not the point. My rebuttal was to go into a bar all angry and say anything. No one ever yells, "Redskin" but if you go in all pissed off, of course they will be taking it in a derogatory way. Go in there and call the Indians "Mongals" or make up a word and yell "Damn Daboodles" and see what happens. Probably the same thing.

If this wasn't an issue right now (and really it isn't except media picks up on the small minority), most wouldn't know about the word except it is a football team name.
Who says anything about acting angry? The name is a label, one that can be construed (whether you personally think so or not) as a racist one. That said, you wouldn't feel comfortable walking into a bar or approaching someone on the street and calling them that name good natured, angry, or otherwise.
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