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Mr. Miller

Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
Actually you are quite wrong. The way to feed the worlds people is to have small farms distributed throughout the world which feed local people. It's really just that simple. However, big Ag will tell you differently yet big Ag breaks all the basic rules of nature. It hoards massive amounts of animals into a confined feed lot (which is disease ridden, the animals are living in their own feces) and then feeds them genetically engineered bulk food (corn) and then conveyor belts the animals into a meat grinder where the tainted product eventually ends up on your plate at home.

No thanks.

I'd rather have a cow from a local farmer that has been raised stress free on natural foliage (yes, this is very possible and easy to do) then at the proper time can go to a butcher where the meat can be harvested.

Again, this is very possible all throughout the world. You don't have to conglomerate crops and livestock in order to feed people. What you do have to have is many small ag coops distributed around the country which feed the locals within those communities. This also cuts down on pollution, for example, why ship a cow across country to be slaughtered and then shipped back to you in boxes for consumption? Right now, there are large hog operations that have agreed to sell their hogs, which are raised here in America, to slaughter houses in China so that the meat can be processed and shipped right back to Americans for consumption. Does this make sense to anyone?
Multiple the amount of pasture it takes to raise a cow to slaughter by the number of cows consumed. Now look at available land and make your own conclusion.
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