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The Spurs are old and slow. I don't think they can keep up with us in a series again. Memphis is good too but they aren't on our level like the Spurs.

The team I'm worried about the most in the West is the Clippers because they can keep up with us and they have playmakers all over the place.

KD, Westbrook and Ibaka are the foundation and those guys aren't even 25 yet.

And good supporting players like Collison, Martin and Sefalosha help as well. Oh and an elite GM. I suspect he's going to package the 1st he got from Harden along with our original 1st to get a dominant player in the draft or trade.

The Thunder are the new Spurs. They are going to dominate for a long time. Just a matter of when they will get their title.

I could see the warriors taking down the clippers for you though. They don't match up well against the clippers cause warriors can play their tempo and force them into half court, which the clippers aren't great at. Spurs aren't neccesarily old. Duncan plays better than he was in the mid 2000s. Parker is in his prime. Ginobili is falling apart though. There's no one else old. Leanord is a beast. Green is a beast. The problem they have is the turnovers and streaky shooting that bites them in the ass. Neal and bonner are the streakiest shooters I've seen. Bonner is a joke. And Neal would go 0-20 and not think twice about passing the ball. The turnovers and slumps ingame likely will be their demise. They can put up points in a hurry. Then go flat and not put up one basket over a span of minutes.

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