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Brendan Langley

I bought an HP w Windows back in early 2007. It burnt out in less than 6 mos. Apparently I got the dud. As I purchased at best buy w their protection plan, they comped me the money back towards another laptop. I went with my first Mac. Took me time to get adjusted to along w downloading word/excel, etc. That was prior to my wedding in mid/late 2007. I'm proud to say that laptop is STILL going strong. Performance is great, fast, all major parts still working. I had to get an external hard drive for more storage but that's it's.

My wife and I are both supplied laptops for work... Sure enough windows laptops. They crash and burn all the time. The amount of bugs and other junk in it is incredible. Do yourself a favor and go with Apple. You'll pay more but it is a higher quality product w much more uptime vs downtime.
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