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Originally Posted by MagicHef View Post
Run defense ratings by PFF:

Hali: +6.9
Dumervil: +7.3
Houston: +7.4
Miller: +22.9
I love cherry picking stats! Houston struggled in the first half of the season and then came on in the 2nd half.

Houston's rookie season was a tale of two halves. Perfectly good article explaining it.

So what kind of season might Houston have in 2012? Chances are he could be even better than he was from Week 10 on of last season. But what if he was just equally as good? What would his numbers look like?
In 2011,Houston finished the year with six sacks, three QB hits, 13 QB hurries, three batted passes, 45 tackles and 32 stops.*
*The official NFL numbers credit Houston for a few more tackles. They also credit him with -.5 a sack. We’re using PFF numbers here because we believe them to be more accurate. PFF doesn’t give out 1/2 sacks. If two players get there at the same time, they both get credit for a sack.
His grades from PFF were as follows:

Overall: +6.8, Run D: +7.4, Pass Coverage: -7.6

If we take his numbers from Week 10 on, average them out and project them for an entire season, they look like this.

12 sacks
4 QB hits
22 QB hurries
58 tackles
50 stops
+33.4 overall grade

How does that +33.4 overall grade stack up against all 3-4 OLB from 2011?
It would be good for #3 in the entire NFL behind only Cameron Wake (+43.5) and Aldon Smith (+36.4) and ahead of players like Demarcus Ware (+32.6) and even Tamba Hali (+31.4).

The 50 stops?

Yeah, that’d be the best in the NFL. The stops are really important because those are plays basically blown up by Houston.
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