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Originally Posted by MagicHef View Post
I'm not sure Berry was top 3 from his first snap. He gave up 7 TDs in coverage he was responsible for in 2010. That was tied for most in the league with Tyvon Branch and Alan Ball. He did pick off 4 which is good, but it doesn't really compare with Polamalu (0 TDs, 7 Ints), Reed (4 TDs, 8 Ints), Sensabaugh (1 TD, 5 Ints), or even Earl Thomas (3 TDs, 5 Ints)

I'm not saying he won't be an excellent player, but I'm not sure he was really top 3 from the very beginning.
DB stats!? Really?

Your statistics dont tell the story. Where do Vons stats place him?

If your going to debate football with me, you must be able to form an opinion watching football. You cant have it told to you by the media, or make it up as you go. Ive been around wayyy too long for that. Anyone watching Berry saw a few rookie hiccups in the beginning. Then blow someone up 5 yards deep in the backfield on thevnext play. Just like Von, he dont have the best in the league stats, but best in the league play.
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