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Originally Posted by crazyhorse View Post
For the record folks, Houston was looking like a man by the end of the season. KCStud may be reaching a little, but he might be a top half of the league LBer by seasons end and ascending. His numbers reflect an average. His average does not show his improvement. He started pretty bad.

However Miller was top 10 his 1st snap. I gotta say I love everything about the guy. If he's not the real deal, Ill be real surprized. Not just on the field either. I think this guy will be running the defense next season. He might even replace what you lost in Dawkins locker room presence. The Chief I think of when I think in comparison is Eric Berry. Berry was top 3 from his 1st snap.

Von Miller is on that level KCStud.
Reaching a little?

you are the master of understatement..

he has a man crush on all things chefs .. since Jared used to be a chef he should know tha he never played anything but DE, occasionally he would drop into coverage but it was from a hand in the dirt DE spot..

As for his other ravings he sounds like a very young kid that does not know anything but chefs, madden and maybe some FF.. all of which is fantasy land level football..

and calling your self stud also sounds like a dreamer.. probably never ever been laid..
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