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Yes, he is. Has Von made INT's? Nope. Allen has made plays in coverage. He even had double-digit passes defended in back-to-back seasons. Want proof? Here ya go...(even some nice commentary)

And to the JC question, yes there are people who say JC sucks (ahem Jetmeck/BRob), but we all know JC isn't a fluke. He's proven it ever since he stepped on the field.

And yes I do believe that Justin Houston can be just as good as Von Miller in the future. Last year Von was the most NFL ready defender in the draft, but that doesn't mean he's going to develop into the best. Von is the best right now, but I can easily see Houston being a similar player. Houston missed a portion of training camp and had no offseason either.
Houston has similar speed to Von. He's very fast off the edge. Von is better in coverage, but Houston is the better run defender. It took awhile for Houston to get adjusted to the NFL and Romeo brought him along slowly. In the 2nd half of the year Houston started every game and was a man out there.

I think Houston will be a double digit sack LB next year who can play the run extremely well and be decent in coverage (barring injury).
So our 3rd round pick looks to be similar to your #2 overall pick. Congrats
Miller doesnt need all the excuses you afforded Houston. Poor boy.

Von Miller is much faster than Houston.

Jared Allen is a 43 RDE and your comparing his coverage abilities based on tipped passes to Von Miller? What an idiot.

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