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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
I see you just flew by my post without reading or comprehending it, as usual. If you actually read the post, you'd see that I said made the distinction between a LB and a pure pass rusher. The poster made the assumption Von was the best pure pass rusher, which is false.

If you read any of the post, I clarified more than once that right now Von is not the best OLB in the league, because he isn't. Is he good? Yeah of course he is, but is he the BEST in the NFL? NO.
And last year Tamba was more of a force overall than Von. He was just as good of a run stopper and he got more pressure on QB's than Von. So again, right now Tamba deserves to be ahead of Von until Von goes out and proves otherwise.

And I love that this board makes excuses for Von. Yes he was hurt. That's how the game goes.
KC lost a ton of their key players to injury last year and would have won the division with those missing players, but ya know what Gaylore? THAT'S HOW IT GOES.

And I'm pretty sure a broken hand wasn't the reason Von got beat up in the run game by McCluster. There were several times Von wasn't in the right position to make a play or took a bad angle. I saw it multiple times. McCluster beat Von so many times that Von tried tripping him because he couldn't stop him.

The point of this post is that people saying that last year or even right now, Von is NOT the best LB in the league. He's not the best pure pass rusher in the league. He isn't the best 3-4 OLB in the league. And saying he is THE best in the NFL is pure homerism.

Oh and btw. Jared Allen is better than Von as a pass rusher and in coverage. That's just how good Allen is. And he's a DE.
First, Jared Allen isn't as good in coverage as Von Miller. He just isn't. All his deflections are swat downs at the LOS. That isn't "coverage."

Second, the point of mentioning injuries is that he finished second team all-pro with near identical stats missing a game and playing four with a broken hand. Do you hear anyone here saying that Jamal Charles sucks because he didn't put up good numbers for the 2011 season? We could, and then use your crap argument that "no excuses! Injuries happen so That's how the game goes. THAT'S HOW IT GOES!" Someone the point that a rookie with a bad hand putting up godly numbers suggests he could actually have played much better is totally over your head.

Finally, your original point was that Von Miller wasn't the best OLB in the draft and then you tried to argue the Chiefs player was. He is not. Is Von the best OLB in the league? He wasn't last year. But he was pretty close and with a full offseason, and working hand, and no longer being rookie, he very well could be at this moment.
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