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OK, take out the QB position for just a compare the other 21 starters (+ST's) and look at the depth at each position.
If you don't think KC is stronger at most of the positions than I don't know what to tell ya.

Manning has struggled against the Chargers and Romeo Crennel's defense. Add in the fact that Denver couldn't stop the run last year (in a year without DMC and Charles) and did virtually nothing to improve that and you see why either of the 3 teams could win.
It's hard to compare some positions because we play different defenses. Can't really compare a 3-4 DE to a 4-3 DE, as they both bring different things to the table.

With that said:

1. O-Line-I think Denver's O-Line is at least as good as KC's, if not better. Good free agent pick ups and draft selections for KC tho. Hard to rate Denver's O-Line under an option style offense last season too.

2. WR-KC returns very average WR's if Bowe holds out. I think both Decker and Thomas will have break out seasons with Manning at QB. KC probably has more depth at the position then Denver.

3. RB-The history of RB's coming back and being nearly as productive in year 1 of an ACL tear... is basically non-existent. Most have had massive drops in production. Many RB's of Charles's similar size and style were never the same again. Maybe Charles will be an exception to that next season, but dunno why Chief fans are counting on it. If he isn't the exception, KC is not in a good place at RB.

4. CB-Flowers is probably the best corner among the teams. But Denver has a lot more depth imo at the position then KC after that.

5. Safety-This is the one position where I don't think it's even remotely debatable--KC is way better here.

6. Front 7-Denver has two very good pass rushers. KC looks to have two as well. Denver had 12 more sacks last season and 14 more tackles for loss. Is KC going to be considerably better next year? Denver considerably worse?

KC has a great 3-4 Middle Linebacker, one of the best in the business and Denver took a big loss in losing Bunkley on defense. DT is a bit of a concern for the Broncos... but based on last year, Denver gave up less yards per carry then KC.

Are the Chiefs going to do better with an unpolished rookie likely starting at NT?

My main point in all of this is that the notion that KC is considerably better at most positions is really not based in reality. They have a good team, and if Bowe signs and Charles is the exception to the rule--KC's offense should be more talented then Denver's (outside of the QB position). But we don't know what will happen there.
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