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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by bronco militia View Post
avs lose the last two and they are back in the 8th spot...this is nuts
Last night was tough. They had so many goals on their sticks, and just didn't finish.

What is Mick McGeogh (sp?) still doing reffing in the NHL. He's a disgrace. That diving penalty he called on Forsberg was ridiculous. He waited until the other referee made the interference call...skated a bit...then made his decision. If you think a player flops...then just ****ing call it...immediately.

Watch any game that clown is involved with and you will see at least two or three head scratchers.

I'm not blaming the Avs' loss on McGeogh...I just can't stand the guy. The Avs lost because Backstrom stood on his head when he need to...and the Avs had a combination of bad luck, and poor shots.
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