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Originally Posted by winstoncup bronco View Post
I don't think anyone is arguing that Manning isn't better than Tebow.

You must have missed alot of posts by alot of the nuthuggers, or have alot of them on ignore. We've got clowns in here saying Tebow's better than Aaron Rodgers....for reals

For me, the argument is, is Manning a better option.

Not sure how a better QB isn't a better option, but if you wanna stick to that, ok....

Signing Manning is going for broke, period. You're signing splashy FA's to big contracts, just to build as fast as you can. Maybe even trading draft picks for other team's backups or disgruntled starters.

so would you have a problem if we traded a draft pick for another team's players if Tebow was our QB? And if you wouldn't, then why would it bother you if we did likewise for Manning?

And then, assuming Manning plays 3 years, you better be able to look back and have something to show for it. Not, well, it was so exciting. Not, he sure threw for a lot of yards. Not, well we lost, but we sure lost pretty, didn't we? This move is to bring home the Lombardi(s). Anything less than a SB win makes this move an abject failure.

Regardless of whether we sign Manning or not, the goal of this team is to win a SB. so by the same token, how many years of "well, hopefully Tebow will get better" are you willing to go thru? If the answer is one, then maybe you'd have a point...but if the answer is 3, what difference does it make if we go the next 3 seasons without a title? Whether we go 0-3 with or without Manning, we're still 0-3 correct? Champ Bailey isn't getting any younger, and neither is Dawkins (who amazingly half the nuthuggers want back despite being two years older with a neck injury himself), or McGahee....i mean by the time Tebow finally does improve enough (if at all) we'd have to start all over anyways by replacing the older vets like them. I'd rather go down swinging with a very good at worst, elite at best QB....than watch great veterans like Bailey and Dawkins suffer through Tebow's growing pains

And I'm not saying Tebow would win a SB in that time, but at least we wouldn't be mortgaging the teams future either. If Tim doesn't show improvement, or the team just stops winning with him, then yeah, you're moving on, without aging FA vets taking up cap space because you thought they would fast track you to the SB.

Well if Tebow won't win a SB in that same 3 year window, then why risk having him as our QB either? and wouldn't that make having him as our QB an abject failure as well?and then what, we move on with no replacement...because if Manning isn't good enough at 36, then I doubt you'd want him at 39, correct? Manning is a free agent right now....this season.

We should do whatever we can to upgrade any position. You act as if we shouldn't gamble on Ed Reed (who has had injuries himself) if he were available because Carter showed some promise.

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