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Originally Posted by jerseyguy4 View Post
If I lost my handgun and semi-auto rifles, and was able to protect my family from criminals/nutjobs with an acceptable taser, I'd be happy.

And while I wouldn't be capable of a platoon assault on the white house, my plethora of open sight lever actions and scope mounted bolt actions would still allow me to join the Wolverines and mount a defense against a red dawn-esque attack.

You can't really expect that average citizens can arm themselves in any comparable fashion to a real army, whether they are US or USSR. But we are still incredibly numerous as an armed civilian population. Any ground assault on America would have its hands full.

I think that satisfies what you are looking to protect with the 2nd amend.

You can be happy with your rights being removed, but I will not allow my God given rights to be taken. Funny that you are ok losing your semi-autos, then have a picture of a "Wolverine" with a...semi-auto...
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