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Phillip Lindsay

Originally Posted by Taco John View Post

It looks like as far as passing, there isn't really anything that can be picked out that is off. However, his fumbles are way up. His career average for the season before coming to Denver is 4.38 per season. In two games with the gloves, he's at 3 fumbles.

However, it's hard to blame the gloves on that, though... Here's the most shocking stat of all - Peyton has fumbled a career high 10 times this season, losing a career high of 6. The most he's ever lost in a season is 3.

Fumbles aside, the trendline on the completion percentage is a little disturbing. It's a downwards slope. Whether it means anything in the grand scheme of things, who knows... but a trend is a trend.

That game was bothersome, because it was clearly Peyton's worst game as a Bronco, and that's not the team we want our guy to have his worst game against.

I'm inclined to believe that the problems are less about the gloves and more about what's happening between his ears that game. And as far as his record fumbles go... Any way we slice that one, that's a bad stat.
The fumble stat makes me seriously wonder about the strength of his grip.
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