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As disappointing as it was to give up that huge lead, I don't think that happens in Denver and it certainly doesn't happen in warm weather. Then again, do we cause all those fumbles in warm weather?

It was a crazy game. Both teams made lots of crucial mistakes.

What we can be happy about is that even after we got punched in the gut we came back and tied the game up to send it to OT. After they came back, our defense shored up big time and gave us multiple chances to win the game in OT. If it weren't for that unfortunate bounce off of 32's leg we may have come out of there without a loss.

One thing: can we PLEASE stop blaming this one the DRC injury? There were so many things that went wrong that had nothing to do with that. Let's just stop being stupid shall we?

It's a loss, no losses are good and that was as awful as it gets. But it will prove to be good experience for us. We can still control our own destiny and grab the number 1 seed. In fact I would call that likely. We only have to beat KC this weekend and it's almost a sure thing.

Settle down, enjoy thanksgiving, and then enjoy the feast on KC.
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