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Originally Posted by KevinJames View Post
I get that we lost, it sucks but last night the way we ran the football that was awesome, they were stacking the box and we still ran it down their throats at times. Knowshon is a stud hands down.

Von Miller hes baaaaaaaaaaaaack, just re-watch the game dude was amazing. I don't think we got to worry about him going forward.

We did what we needed to do in the cold weather, the only thing we did wrong was let them get back in the game but you have to be encouraged by the run game.

Passing game wasn't there like we wanted, but we all know this was an anomaly.

We will be fine . we will likely go 14-2 and get the #1 seed. Pessimistic ***** go somewhere else this thread is about the Broncos bouncing back because they are the best team in the NFL hands down.
Agreed, and also the cold weather talk needs to die down. our passing game wasn't off because of the cold, it was off due to the wind, and our receivers playing soft trying to get flags instead of catches.

this team can play with anyone, and minus the numerous injuries this game would have been a win.
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