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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
BOTTOM LINE - this team is built to win it all and the ONLY thing that will get in our way is ourselves. The only true weak link on this team is offensive turnovers. If we're even slightly better in that department, we're EASILY 11-0 right now. We're starting to really run the ball better. As you mentioned Miller is not looking like he did last year and we're getting good pressure. Our defense is solid against the run and gets turnovers. And with a healthy secondary, we're good to decent against the pass.

Seriously, if we can clean up this sloppy turnover problem we have, you can start sizing up the rings. But on the flip side, if we can't seem to get that fixed, it could be another early exit in the playoffs for us. Simple as that.
When did he mention Miller is not looking like he did last year? And did you not watch the Pats game? He was a friggin terror
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