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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
A short term extension until December? You think it's over? What will happen in December? I'll tell you what will happen: The Tea Party Fanatics will simply use this seven weeks to gather their hysteria for another major shutdown push over Obamacare, or spending, or whatever else suits their fancy at the moment. If you think this is normal government, you're a fool. This is government by crisis. Government's act like this right around the time they fall, or devolve into civil war. The U.S. government is polling at its worst in history and half the media are celebrating. The Tea Party fanatics think they're on a holy mission. A jihad. They've already proved they are very close to having enough power to get what they need.
Debt Limit Grandstanding Is, Was, and Always Will Be. When the Executive and Legislative are in opposition, you can absolutely bank on it.

As far as short term extensions? Big deal. The last extension wasn't all that long ago. In my eyes it only gives you guys more opportunities to cry about the end being near only to be disappointed yet again.
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