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Originally Posted by Rigs11 View Post
Quit defending these nutjobs

Tea Partyers shout racist slur at White House cops: “Looks like something out of Kenya”

Wow. I’ve been to many a protest at the White House, and I’ve never seen people belittle the police like the Sarah Palin / Ted Cruz Tea Party protesters did today. There’s video, and it’s awful.

Calling the police protecting the White House “brownshirts,” laughing at them, and then one guy says “looks like something out of Kenya.”

The fanciful notion that President Obama was born in Kenya – he was in fact born in Hawaii – is a common racist slur that Tea Party adherents and other conservative Republicans use against the President.

Keep in mind these are the same people who brought confederate flags to the protest. As Peter Sylwester noted on Twitter, “Perhaps the Confederate flag mob will move next to reopen the Lincoln Memorial.”

As background, the Tea Party, which is responsible for shutting down the federal government, decided to hold a rally today protesting their own government shutdown. The rally was led by GOP Senator, and shutdown author, Ted Cruz, and shutdown supporter Sarah Palin. Ostensibly, they were upset that the World War II memorial was shut down in their shutdown. They were not picketing, however, the cessation of cancer treatments at NIH, or the lack of death benefits for US troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan after the shutdown began.

Yes, the Tea Party turned out in force to protest their own government shutdown, and they chose to march to the White House and blame the President for a shutdown they all wanted to happen, and had planned, in the first place.
I'm not defending them. Just saying one should resist the temptation to fight paranoia with paranoia.
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