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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by ShiftyEyedWaterboy View Post
That's a bit different though. New York has had multiple teams since the beginning of the MLB, no?

If Green Bay had the population/infrastructure, do you guys think a second football team would be a good idea there?

From my experiences in Toronto, its hard for me to imagine another team successfully competing with the Leafs over a long period of time. Maybe you guys are right though.

EDIT: It would warm my heart to watch an expansion team in Toronto win the cup before the Leafs. Okay I changed my mind! I'm all for this.
A second NHL team in Toronto could easily survive. The Leafs are by no means sacred in Toronto, it would be very different to try to put a second team in Montreal. I don't see why they haven't already stuck a team in Mississauga or Etobicoke. The fans are there, the Leafs have been **** for so long that it wouldn't take much to win over the younger fan base and a lot of the high income earners are out of towners who would most likely love having an alternative to the Leafs and their ridiculous prices.
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