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Originally Posted by ShiftyEyedWaterboy View Post
That's a bit different though. New York has had multiple teams since the beginning of the MLB, no?

If Green Bay had the population/infrastructure, do you guys think a second football team would be a good idea there?

From my experiences in Toronto, its hard for me to imagine another team successfully competing with the Leafs over a long period of time. Maybe you guys are right though.

EDIT: It would warm my heart to watch an expansion team in Toronto win the cup before the Leafs. Okay I changed my mind! I'm all for this.
The Giants, Dodgers and Yankees all used to play in NY.
The Giants and Dodgers moved in 1957, the Dodgers from Brooklyn, the Giants from Manhattan.
The Yanks and Giants played in Manhattan.
The Yankees were the original Baltimore Orioles franchise.
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