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Nate Irving

Originally Posted by Broncos_OTM View Post
Jeff Skinner was a beast in junior how has he done for the hurricanes?

Looks as though Colorado *maybe* looking at moving Mcginn .. and we are also looking at a possible way to aquire Kulikov from Florida
Jeff had a great Rookie campaign, but concussions really skewed his development. Muller took him under his wing this offseason, and worked with him on developing a 2 way game. After he got back from his hand injury they put him on the first line wing, and he just started playing like Sidney Crosby. I'm shocked honestly, I feel like I'm watching a completely different player, its amazing. He used to cherry pick and then get really cute with the way he penitrated the zone resulting in turnovers and well...concusions, now he's playing really solid defense on the boards (like a winger should) which is giving him one-on-ones and a crap ton of opportunities.
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