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Nate Irving

Jeff Skinner scores 5 goals in two games for the Canes with a hat trick last night against the Preds. It's starting to look like Cam Ward is done in Carolina after Justin Peters comes in and plays two exceptional games back to back after an amazing stretch of goaltending in November. Muller has declared the ol' 'were going to let the hot hand start from this point forward' kid glove approach to calling it quits on Cam as the starter. If they get Kudobin back before the deadline I fully expect them to move on by trading Can Ward to a team with goaltending problems and cap space. It's a bitter sweet progression, but its time. On a lighter note, I have no idea what we are going to do with the top two line when Alexander Semin gets back from his concussion. The top line is rolling again, so the most logical progression is pairing him up with Jordan Stall and Nathan Gerbe on the second line. We shall see.
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