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Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
KC will be a very appealing place for a HC.

-No GM/owner breathing down their neck constantly.
-No extreme media attack like in NY, PHI or CHI.
-1st overall pick and other high picks in the draft.
-Power. This can't be emphasized enough. Clark is willing to let a HC have a lot of power. Not many HC's get that opportunity.
-Decent team with a few good young pieces.
-ownership who doesn't really care about winning - is likely to be out of town watching soccer instead of fixing things when they go bad.
-have to live in Kansas City.
-responsibility - having no competant GM heaps all of the rest of the responsibility and accountability onto the coaches doorstep.
-inheriting the worst team in the league.
-will have to deal with Manning/Osweiller in the division
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