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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
One thing that used to always amuse me was the amount of hate Taco got. There were quite a few posters who always had a problem with that guy. Alec Raenos (Rock Chalk) was one. Popps always disagreed with him on EVERYTHING. And a few others always whined about everything but kept coming back and posting. We haven't had as much of that lately. That either means Taco's doing a really good job, or we just need more free-loading whiners.

There aren't too many posters I hated. I came pretty close to hating Gonzolays for being overtly racist. But that guy jumped ship years ago. There have been a few people that really, really hated me. I know I'm opinionated, and there were some years I wasn't always in a great place and took my opinions way too seriously, but I didn't hate people. I regret those I offended. I'm definitely a different person married with a two-year old at 34 than I was at 26 living with my brother, that's for sure.
From my memory, Gonzolays got the lifetime ban. I think he went too far with the race stuff and finally got clipped. Seems like another poster here who is doing the same thing should meet the same fate.
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