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Paxton Lynch

Originally Posted by Arkie View Post
Studies show that racists have lower IQs than non-racists. It's been confirmed that racists have an average IQ of two digits. Normal People have an average IQ of three digits. Several studies suggest that there is a strong correlation between intolerance, racism, and prejudice in general, with reduced cognitive ability, and lower integrative complexity (putting different, separate, ideas together). In an analysis of two large-scale data sets, it was found that lower intelligence in childhood predicted greater racism in adulthood. A secondary analysis of a U.S. Data set, also confirmed a predictive effect of poor abstract-reasoning skills. People with lower cognitive abilities were found to interact less with individuals of other races.
Unscientific ad hominem because you don't like the outcome of decades of testing? Do you normally have this reaction to science? Do you have any concept what IQ averages globally show? It has nothing to do with one's ideology.
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